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This seems like it would be great but I can't get it to recognize my controller :/.

and a totoreal

I wish there was an "Easy" mode.

There's "Normal", "Medium", "Hard" and "Retro" :)


Is there a version for Linux?

There is one on Steam, we've not got a Linux version on right now, sorry

i'm trying to run on wine, commands don't respond...


Just to say I'm running this via itch+wine on Linux (latest Ubuntu) currently. Had to kill it after switching to another window and back, but keyboard controls worked fine on first run-up.

Great game, btw!

Thanks !!! But can you please sell your other games as digital files also ? The virus running around makes buying all physical difficult now .. Thanks and keep up the good work !:)

Hi kriz, all of our game are available digitally, which game are you looking for in particular?

Im looking for all of the Collectors USB Cassette series :)

Gotcha. So, we license games for the USB Cassette series and often we are not the publisher for the digital versions. The developers may have published themselves or worked with other publishers for the digital versions. I believe they are all on Steam if you search for them, but they might not all be on

Ahh then i understand :) Yes i found them all, thx and stay safe .. :)

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I loved Hyper Sentinel because boasts an enjoyable old school feeling on graphics, audio and gameplay.

I made a full review on sapnish about this awesome game here:

Hi Huey

Is there an option to change the language to German in the steam version, the language is automatically adjusted, unfortunately, in the version, the language is always in English?

I can't get the game to use the in-built game controller on my GPD-Win2. The game does sort of see the controller as it will bring up an error message if I switch to mouse mode, but even in controller mode the game will not respond to the joysticks or buttons.

I'm also having this issue.

Will there be a Linux version for Hyper Sentinel?

Also, replying here to get the free key offered by mail.

Sent via PM on Kickstarter

We are not currently planning a Linux version for Itch, but there is a Linux version available on Steam

Could I get a free Windows download key please as per the email? :)

What is you Kickstarter username?

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Cool, sent your key via PM on Kickstarter :)