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This really shouldn’t be listed for sale here after it’s been abandoned. The Steam version is the same price for an extra year of updates—last updated in November 2020, compared to October 2019 here.

This game is insanely fun. I love exploring, but don't have the trading knack down yet. I got stuck at the Sea of Death :'( I really wanted to go across the Mountains east of Mesopotamia to the Indus.


I see steam has a Linux version, any chance of adding it here?

would be really nice!


Any chance this will get updated to what is available on Steam?

As a history nerd, this is beautiful. Nice work


Are you gonna release the Mac port on like you did on Steam? I bought this when I supported the Bundle for Racial Justice and I would love to be able to play it since I only have a mac. Its available on Steam for mac so it should also be available for here, unless the Steam page is just mislabeled? Thank you I am excited to play the game!


VR support would be insane


Glad to see this in the Bundle for Racial Justice!  :)  I was one of your Kickstarter backers for this, and I really love it.  (Though I opted for the Switch version rather than PC.)  I'm no good at the more combat-oriented story modes, but just exploring and trading on the Silk Road is really cool, especially for someone like me who has studied both archaeology and history (though this was not my period of specialty).  This is one of those games that I keep thinking about even after I've stopped playing it.

Hi! I just purchased your game here on I totally love the idea behind your game and Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge are two of the most impressive games I've ever played, so I really like the fact that your game seems to build on that still very unique game concept. May I ask if there is a chance to get a Steam key to the purchase here (many developers seem to do that)? And do you intend to publish updates here on regularly (I only ask because I made the experience that some developers tend to forget about their games on


No answer after 14 days? So no key, I guess.


Sorry, only just saw this thread! Let me find out and get back to you :)

Yep, you can get a Steam key :) Message on and will arrange

Wonderful, thank you very much! :)